A banking client required an intraday reporting dashboard to measure EMIR operational KPIs for their rates trading. The requirement was to:

  • Measure the time lapse between trades being executed and input into the trading system
  • Measure the time lapse taken to verify trades
  • Measure the number of amendments on trades and the number of trades being amended
  • Measure the number of trade queries being opened and the time it takes to resolve these trade queries
  • Identify trades that should have been allocated regulatory capital but were not


Trade versions in XML format were received by our data analytics platform and parsed into data tables in real time. Business logic to compute the KPIs was added. An end-user dashboard was created to display the KPIs. A scheduled process was implemented to capture and analyse the trade data and to output it to the dashboard at specified intervals. The output data could also be saved into reports for root cause analysis.


An automated process monitor to measure and display operational delays and errors was delivered. Additional value to identify and resolve re-occurring issues came from a new and clean data source for EMIR regulatory reporting and root cause analysis.

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