Season Ticket Securitisation Transaction


Calimere Point was approached by a major European football club who were seeking to diversify their current sources of financing. Existing long-term financing structures were in place for the client. However, the club had a short-term financing need which sought it to look at alternative sources and structures.


  • Calimere Point carried out a detailed analysis of the current financing structure of the football club.
  • The analysis included developing a cash flow model which enabled the client to assess the evolving financial position and the impact of any short term debt financing.
  • Once the optimal debt structure was determined, Calimere Point presented a number of different financing options.
  • The client determined that season ticket securitisation offered the optimal solution.
  • Calimere Point approached funding providers on behalf of the client and acted as intermediary between the parties.


The result was that the Football Club achieved the target season ticket financing structure at a highly competitive funding rate.