Regulatory Solutions

  • CPRA can support financial institutions in addressing the inefficiencies of regulatory frameworks, whether through portfolio rebalancing or the use of financial instruments.
  • Development of systems in response to new regulation often focuses on the regulation itself, which may leave risk analysis and the market context of the portfolio assets in a secondary role. CPRA is able to provide the market expertise in these projects, ensuring the link between regulatory and economic considerations is maintained.

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Structural Analysis and Portfolio Stabilisation

We can analyse complex portfolios at a granular single-deal level, and then aggregate results to evaluate appropriate valuation, risk measurement and risk mitigation strategies at a portfolio level. We are therefore able to bridge the gap between the idiosyncratic nature of single deals and the macro effect of their aggregation into a portfolio.

Our consultants have direct experience of providing restructuring and portfolio stabilisation solutions to large institutional clients, and are familiar with the process as well as the execution of such portfolio trades. Our clients can benefit from this pool of top-tier experience which can be applied to specific portfolio situations.

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