RiskContainer is a risk system designed, validated and implemented by front office professionals for risk and front office professionals. It provides consensus risk information and a web based interface that clicks and drills down through information layers.

The ability for senior managers and their teams to easily access consolidated, accurate risk information in one place that can be dynamically interrogated or drilled into is not widespread. Constantly evolving risk reporting requirements often lead to the creation of excel or word based reports that are not dynamic; that waste man hours in their production and create reconciliation issues and multiple, sometimes redundant, reports.


RiskContainer provides:

  • Consolidation of existing reporting, removing redundant report content
  • Dynamic Drill Down to trade level, allowing management to quickly focus into points of interest
  • Agreed & Validated risk information for Front Office and Risk
  • Flexibility & Agility so reporting can keep up with changing requirements, (and users have a sandbox)
  • Light Touch implementation and use of existing infrastructure, allowing relatively fast deployment

Risk Container: About Us

RiskContainer is a joint venture between Calimere Point Risk Advisory and Project Brokers that leverages the specific strengths of both companies. Project Brokers is a world leading business intelligence consultancy and is an expert with the QlikView product suite that allows clients to efficiently display and interrogate large quantities of data.

Visit the riskcontainer website for more details: